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Elephant Plains in Greater Kruger

Japan Winter Safari

Elephant Plains: Salayexe a Grandmother

Brendon’s News from Elephant Plains: We started at the Wild Dog den while it was still dark, but the chilly morning meant that although some of the adults were out in the open, they were not out and about. In [...]

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Elephant Plains: A Panicked Lost Lioness

Brendon’s News from Elephant Plains: As always we left the Lodge in the predawn darkness, and went in search of the Styx Pride of lions. We found their tracks quite easily and followed these – as they [...]

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Elephant Plains: Tingana Goes Digging

Brendon reports from Elephant Plains: I’ll start with a few images from yesterday …The lions … A Wild Dog … Now for today – another spectacular day with leopards, and more leopards.It [...]

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Elephant Plains: Wild Dogs Successful Hunt

Brendon reports from Elephant Plains:  As this morning was the final game drive for the first safari group everyone was keen and ready – and hoping to see the large Breakaway Pride of lions again. We found the [...]

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Elephant Plains: Two Prides of Lions, One Kill, – and 10 Hyenas

Brendon reports from Elephant Plains:  We found lion tracks within minutes of leaving the Lodge, and hoping that these were from the pride we saw last night, we followed them.  On the way we spotted a rhino, and [...]

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Elephant Plains: Dominant Male Leopards Confrontation

Brendon reports from Elephant Plains:  We woke up to an overcast, cold day – well, cold for the Lowveld, that is. We set out expecting to find very little in that weather. And the first minutes were a bit [...]

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Ultimate Chobe Safari: An African Jacana Dad and his Chicks

Ben’s News from the Ultimate Chobe Safari:  It was our final morning on the river and we were keen to get some really unforgettable shots of African Jacanas, and maybe some Pygmy Geese as well, although the [...]

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Elephant Plains: An Amorous Young Lion gets a Swat for his Interest

Brendon reports from Elephant Plains:  Two minutes after leaving the Lodge this morning, and before our cameras were even ready we found Salayxe. Out came the spotlights as she first followed us, then we followed [...]

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Ultimate Chobe Safari: Lions by Road, and River

Ben’s News from the Ultimate Chobe Safari: Our group decided to go in two different directions this morning. Half boarded land vehicles to visit the Chobe National Park. They found three lionesses with five [...]

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Elephant Plains: Wild Dogs vs Hyena for a Kill

Brendon reports from Elephant Plains:After arrival, lunch and our briefing we clambered onto the vehicles, eager for our first game drive. We quickly picked up some female leopard tracks, and knowing that Salayexe [...]

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