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Capture world class wildlife photos as you join our photographic safaris and tours to highly sought after areas in Africa and around the world. Under the expert guidance of our internationally renowned Photo Pro's you are guaranteed unequaled results. Our Photo Pro's have accumulated an astonishing collection of top international awards and feature regularly in the likes of the BBC Awards, National Geographic, and Natures Best to name a few. Your results are guaranteed with us!

Elephant Plains in Greater Kruger

Zambezi Voyager in Chobe

Chobe Pangolin Safari: Baby Crocs go Hunting

Wim’s News:We took a leisurely ride up the river this morning, photographing numerous birds either in the water or arriving for a drink. Then a very unusual scene kept us occupied for the remainder of the [...]

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Chobe Pangolin Safari: A Croc Fest; A Daddy Jacana

Wim’s News: We were on the river really early, in time for a magnificent sunrise, and then spent a fascinating morning with Jacanas on Water Lily Pads.                   We were particularly enchanted by a [...]

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Okavango Machaba: Leopards again! And How to Catch a Centipede …

Brendon’s News: We were determined to try for the lions again this morning, but first we quickly checked on the local leopard. As there was no sign of her we headed towards the water channel. On the way there, [...]

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Okavango Machaba: Tawny Eagle Thieves

From Wim: Seeing that our aim to see the lions yesterday was diverted by that fabulous day with the leopards, our decision was to try to find them again this morning …There were plenty of tracks of both [...]

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Okavango Machaba: We See 4 Leopards! And a Mother Leopard Searches for Her Cub

From Brendon: We had such a dramatic start to the day! Talk about stuck in the mud! We wanted to cross the river to find the lions or even the wild-dogs that we believed were in the same area, and as we crossed the [...]

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Okavango Machaba: A Day with 8 Week Old Leopard Cubs.

From Wim: Today has to be one of the most amazing days that I have spent with leopards anywhere in the bush. Certainly the best ever with leopard cubs. It started this morning on our final game drive with the first [...]

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Okavango Machaba: We Join a Lion Hunt

From Brendon: Our routine departure before sunrise found us going in search of a possible leopard sighting. On the way we found a herd of zebra in the low light, followed by a herd of impala. It was a great [...]

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Okavango Machaba: Whoops as We Watch Animal Games

Wim Reports:As always we were out while it was still dark. We wanted to find a pack of wild-dogs that were not to far away as the crown flies, but because of the water channels and frequent stops for the plentiful [...]

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Okavango Machaba: The Lions Kill – Again!

Brendon Shares News: It was quite overcast when we left, and pretty soon we found two hyenas very close to camp – probably checking if anything was left from last night’s kill. We got some good shots [...]

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Okavango Machaba: A Lion Kill a Few Meters from our Doorstep!

News From Wim: We spent the night in Maun and left early to head north towards Machaba along a road made very adventurous by the recent rains. We travelled in convoy across some ruts in the road that seemed like [...]

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