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Elephant Plains in Greater Kruger

Japan Winter Safari

Elephant Plains: Both Anderson and Salayexe on our Final Game Drive

Ben’s News from Elephant Plains:Both Anderson and Salayexe on our Final Game DriveWe set out for our final game drive this morning, intent on finding at least one leopard. After all, yesterday we only had [...]

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Elephant Plains: Disappearing Leopards

Ben’s News from Elephant Plains:Disappearing LeopardsI will start with an image of one of the lions from last night: We set out early this morning, determined to find leopard tracks, but there were none, and [...]

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Elephant Plains: Up Close and Personal with Elephants

Ben’s News from Elephant Plains:Up Close and Personal with ElephantsAfter quickly checking for leopard tracks (none that we could see), we went directly to the buffalo carcass – well, what is left of it! [...]

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Elephant Plains: From Lions to Leopard to Lions

Ben’s News from Elephant Plains:Sitting on the deck at the Lodge under a clear Lowveld sky twinkling with an incredible number of stars, I cannot help thinking how privileged we are to be here, following the [...]

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Elephant Plains: The Lion ‘Drought’ broken – and How!

Ben’s News from Elephant Plains:The Lion ‘Drought’ broken – and How!No lions have been spotted in this section of the Sabi Sand Reserve for 32 days – until today, that is! And today [...]

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Elephant Plains: Cheetahs Rough-and-Tumble

Andrew Reports from Elephant Plains:Cheetahs Rough-and-TumbleDid the Wild Dogs make a kill last night? This was our question as we went in search of them as soon as we left the Lodge this morning. We found their [...]

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Elephant Plains: Tingana Starts and Ends our Day

Andrew Reports from Elephant Plains:Tingana Starts and Ends our DayThis morning we went straight to the leopard kill hoping that Tingana and/or Salayexe would still be around. Tingana was easy to find as he lay in [...]

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Elephant Plains: Tingana – and Salayexe’s Kill

Andrew Reports from Elephant Plains:Tingana – and Salayexe’s KillWe started the morning where we left Salayexe last evening, and found her tracks which we followed northward, to the east, and back south [...]

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Elephant Plains: Two Quality Hours with Salayexe

Andrew Reports from Elephant Plains:Two Quality Hours with SalayexeWe all arrived to meet around the lunch table. Then, after our briefing and an outline of the plan of action for the next few days we were more than [...]

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Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration: A Perfect Ending

Wim’s News from the Wildebeest Migration Safari: A Perfect EndingA glorious morning greeted our final day here – and with the amazing golden light we knew that after photographing landscapes and sunrise [...]

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