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Elephant Plains in Greater Kruger

Japan Winter Safari

Pantanal Safari: Adriano farewell!

Ben’s news from the Flotel (Pantanal Safari): As it was our last morning in this spectacular place we decided to start at the Black Creek area where we immediately found a large number of Giant Otters. They [...]

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Pantanal Safari: Pirhana Lunch

Wim’s news from the Flotel (Pantanal Safari): The cold front was gone by morning, leaving behind a magical mist on the river, clear skies, and breathtaking sunrise. The moody, magnificent scenery was just [...]

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Pantanal Safari: Our 7th Jaguar Sighting in 3.5 Days

Ben”s news from the Flotel (Pantanal Safari): An overcast, misty, and somewhat chilly morning meant that we donned jackets before setting out. We headed to a channel named Black Creek – or the Portuguese [...]

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Pantanal Safari: We Meet Adriano – a Magnificent Jaguar

Wim’s news from the Flotel (Pantanal Safari): During the night a cool front moved in, making the weather in the morning just fabulous and a welcome break after the jungle heat of the previous days. We left the [...]

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Pantanal Safari: Three More Jaguars!

Just as we boarded our boat at 06:30 we heard that not one or two – but three jaguars had been spotted nearby.We tumbled unceremoniously into the boat and dashed off to search for the three.   As we arrived, [...]

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Pantanal Safari: Upriver for Jaguars!

Wim reports from the Flotel (Pantanal Safari): We woke up to an ethereal, misty morning and hurried out to photograph the never-ending flights of birds. Again they were there in their thousands. The birds looked [...]

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Pantanal Safari: Birds from Dawn to after Sunset

Ben reports from Pacone (Pantanal Safari): (Many images from back of camera)As planned we were up and out with our cameras as the first rays of the sun peeped over the horizon.The birds!They arrived in masses. A few [...]

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Pantanal Safari: Hundreds of Birds of Hundreds of Species

Wim reports from Pacone (Pantanal Safari): We were up at the crack of dawn to catch the rising sun in the park where the Red-and-green Macaws have a number of nests. They looked quite magnificent with the early [...]

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Pantanal Safari: An Underwater Wonderland

Pantanal Safari: ODP Safaris, OutdoorPhoto, Wildlife Photography, Photographic Safari, Wim van den Heever, Ben Cranke, Yellow-headed Parrots, Peach-fronted Parakeets, Cayman, Blue-fronted Parrots, BonitoBen’s [...]

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Pantanal Safari: Incredible Kaleidoscopes of Colour

Wim’s news from Bonito(Pantanal Safari): First, I want to point out that some of the images that accompany these blogs are iPhone images of the back of my camera – they are not the original in camera [...]

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